Brain and Cognitive Science (BaCS) lab

We are housed at the Rehabilitation Clinic of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at the Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus


We study cognitive function in healthy, neurological, and psychiatric populations using behavioural experiments, neuroimaging and brain stimulation


Visual Short-Term Memory (VSTM)

Investigating capacity limits of VSTM and interactions with attention and perception.

Aphasia Rehabilitation (ASPIRE)

Investigating the efficacy of TMS in aphasia rehabilitation.

Social Anxiety

The role of attention in social anxiety.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Associations between cognitive deficits and brain measures in TBI patients.

Spatial Navigation (SPADE)

Investigating the effects of dancing experience on spatial updating.

Conduct Disorder (CD)

CD subtypes, attention deficits, and effectiveness of new therapeutic protocols.

Chronic Pain

Investigating the effects of ACT on psychological flexibility and associated brain anatomy and function in chronic pain patients.


Face processing under load.

Colour Psychology

Which emotions do you associate with colours?


Post Docs

PhD students


Artemis Traikapi

PhD Student

Behavioral modifications after neurological trauma, Cognitive assessment, Brain-Behavior relationship


Dimitris Sokratous

PhD Student

Rehabilitation, Stroke, Brain Stimulation (TMS/tDCS)


Phivos Phylactou

PhD Student

Memory, Perception, Neuroimaging (MRI), Brain Stimulation (TMS/tDCS)

Master’s students



Georgia Panayiotou

Professor of Clinical Psychology

Psychophysiology of Emotion and Cognition, Emotional and Cognitive processes in psychopathology, Anxiety and Affective Disorders


Kostas Fanti

Associate Professor of Developmental Psychopathology

Developmental Psychopathology, Psychopathic personality traits, Neuro-physiological, cognitive, individual, and environmental risk processes


Maria Kambanaros

Associate Professor of Speech Pathology

Language impairements in multilingual individuals, Aphasia, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


Marios Avraamides

Professor of Cognitive Psychology

Spatial memory, perspective-taking, orientation and navigation, spatial learning from different modalities, virtual environments, spatial language.


Nilli Lavie

Professor of Psychology and Brain Sciences

Load Theory of Attention and Cognition Control



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